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= Standard feature
= Optional upgrade feature
General Features  
Robust, Reliable, Secure Operating System in FlashROM
Unlimited users, subject to hardware FREE upgrades (for your version)
Totally managed from a Web Browser FREE technical support mailing List
Continuous Hardware Monitoring FREE real-time Hardware diagnostics
UPS support SCSI support
Off-Site Data Mirroring Full Disaster Recovery
Internet Features Workgroup Features
Built-in Security Firewall Windows compatible File and Printer Sharing
Broadband support (Built-in ADSL Router) Share Parallel, USB or LRP printers
ISDN or Modem dial-on-demand Send and Receive Faxes from the Desktop
Connects to your existing Internet Journaling File System
Shared Web Cache MySQL Relational Database Server
Web Content Filtering Share, Backup or Sync Outlook data
Anti-Porn Filtering Database SSL Web Diary and Staff Calendar
Web Server with SSL, MySQL, PHP & Perl Internal To-Do & Staff Memos
Internal IP allocation for your LAN (NAT) Backup to Disk and Tape
SOCKS5 and other Proxies Backup to and from other PCs
Remote Access VPN (PPTP) Internal secure Instant Messaging
Secure dial-up remote access Document distribution between offices
Wireless Internet Gateway Office to Office VPN (IPSEC)
E-Mail Features  
Full local and Internet E-Mail Unlimited Domain Names
SMTP, POP3 and IMAP Mail Servers Internal and External Mailing Lists
SSL/HTTPS (Secure) Web Mail LDAP Shared Address Book
Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Attachment Filtering