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Included in the standard package
Included in the Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam / Anti-Porn option pack
Option Included in the File, Print, Fax and Backup Option Pack
Option Included in the VPN Option Pack

Standard Connection Options
  • Broadband (ADSL / X21 / Cable) or Dial-up (Modem / ISDN)
  • Dual Ethernet - For use with any existing router / Firewall
  • Ability to automatically configure ADSL routers based on the Conexant Chipset.
  • Support for additional modems to support the range of dial-in and dial out features of the inONE Server.
  • Standard E-Mail Server
  • Fully integrated Local and Internet E-Mail system
  • Unlimited registered domain names
  • Collection of mail by SMTP both from the Internet and from the LAN - including SSL-SMTP and SMTP AUTH (Authenticated SMTP)
  • Support for requested SMTP using the standard ETRN function
  • Collection from an unlimited number of, Internet based, private POP3 mail boxes (e.g. from legacy Internet Accounts).
  • Collection from an unlimited number of Multidrop (Domain) mail boxes with automatic splitting and distribution to the users
  • Mail delivered to the local users using standard protocols POP3 (where mail is downloaded to the PC) or IMAP (where mailboxes are kept on the server so they can be accessed for any node and backed up & controlled centrally), both with SSL support.
  • Internal Mailing Lists (Mail Groups - e.g. "Sales", "Support" etc.etc)
  • Managed Internet Mailing Lists - you control who is on the mailing list so you control the costs.
  • Alternative Mail Names for users - each user can receive mail under an unlimited number of different mail names, subject tot he service provided by your ISP.
  • Automatic Mail collection from your ISP - you set the frequency - you control the costs.
  • Auto-Responders (mail-bots) - automatically respond to e-mail with a pre-programmed response
  • Budget Mail Delivery - External Mail is batched together on the server and sent to the Internet in one go, usually when the Server was going to dial to collect mail anyway. Internal mail is delivered immediately, as usual.
  • Network Address Book, using the LDAP (Directory Services) protocol, supported by most mail clients.
  • Support for an unlimited number of Internet registered Domain names.
  • Ability to re-direct all Internal e-mail to an existing mail server - e.g. an Exchange Server
  • Ability to relay all external e-mail via an external SMTP mail server - e.g. your ISP's mail server.
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam filters available as an optional upgrade.
  • Mail Storm protection - prevents your server from being overloaded if it becomes flooded with mail from the Internet, with affecting the LAN e-mail service.
  • Standard Workgroup Server
  • Web Mail over SSL (HTTPS) including Web Diary, Web ToDo and Web Memo manager
  • Outlook Data Server
  • Allows Outlook users to share Diaries, Address Books, Distribution Lists and Task Lists
  • Allows Users to backup and / or Share their private Outlook data with other users
  • Support for Outlook's Internet Free/Busy feature
  • Standard Internet Server
  • Total and secure Internet access to your entire LAN through a single shared connection - using a single IP Address
  • Full Internet E-Mail for everyone - See Mail Server section bellow
  • IP Masquerading (NAT) means you do not need a registered IP address set and your PC's IP addresses are totally hidden (and secure) from the Internet
  • Web Proxy Cache - typically saves about 60% of bandwidth.
  • Web Content Control - Three different levels of Web Content Control -  from "free, but basic" to a database driven URL filter with over 5000 entries added per week.
  • SOCKS Proxy, Real Audio Proxy and News Proxy means your PC's are further protected from the Internet
  • Standard Miscellaneous
  • Easy administration from anywhere using SSL Web Browser and our simple point-and-click interface
  • DHCP Server - The Net-inter-Net can use it knowledge about your internal network to automatically configure your PC's.
  • Time Server - The inONE Server will automatically correct it's own system clock with Universal Common Time on the Internet and server the correct time to the LAN.
  • Full On-Line reference manual which can be searched, printed or downloaded to a PC for off-line reading.
  • LAN based "pop-up" messaging system including alert messages automatically generated by the system
  • Full local and Internet IM Server (Jabber) with SSL encryption, optional access to the IM service from the Internet - With free Win32 client software included.
  • User's access to network services can be controlled by setting up permission groups and putting the users into a specific group.
  • Supplied with a desktop, Win32, application to show you the status of the Internet connection (off-line, dialling & connected), check your mailbox for new mail and correct the time on your PC. It also provides the client side (sending and receiving) of the pop-up messages services described above.
  • Option to down and install (overnight) all upgrades that are marked as offering improved stability / security.
  • For smaller offices, it can be licensed as a 5 user Lite system or for the larger office, Unlimited Users
  • Standard Intranet Web Server
  • Set up your own internal Web Site
  • Networked file space is automatically served as an internal Web site for easy, fast, development and deployment of an Intranet.
  • User's, with private file space, can set up a personal Web Site using the standard convention of "~<username>"
  • Option of Automatic publishing of part of the Internal Web Site to an Internet based Server.
  • Standard Firewall Security
  • Protection of the Server using Firewall technology
  • Protection of the LAN using IP translation and Firewall technology
  • Provision of a range of proxy servers to provide caching of Internet resources and further tighten security
  • User accessibility of both local and Internet Services can be controlled.
  • Standard Automatic logging
  • Keep track of what is being said to your customers
  • Take a copy of every e-mail, incoming and outgoing
  • Take a copy of every Fax, both incoming and outgoing
  • Automatically print every Fax, both incoming and outgoing
  • Take an electronic copy of every print out sent to any of the printers
  • Make a note of every Web Page requested, including who requested it, when and from which PC.
  • Standard Remote Access
  • Roaming users can dial-in and access all the system's services, including the file server and their mail boxes. Effectively they have exactly the same access to the inONE Server as they would if they were on the LAN.
  • Remote users can use the inONE Server as a remote-access-server to gain remote access to other TCP/IP based servers on the local LAN.
  • A Reseller's Support staff can dial-in and do remote administration without compromising the Server's Internet security.
  • Servers on an Always-On connection can grant specific External IP Addresses permission to access their SSL Web Admin Pages and connect in using ssh - this is specific to resellers can do remote administration / diagnostics without the need to specifically purchase a VPN Licence.
  • Optional Upgrade Anti-Virus /
    Anti-Spam / Anti-Porn

    • Protect you network from the darker side of the Internet with the ability to filter Viruses, Spam and Pornography.
    • Virus database is automatically updated hourly from our high speed server in Telehouse - the hub of the UK Internet - typically providing two or three updates per day.
    • Spam filters uses a range of different techniques to identify and eliminate spam, including word / format rules, statistical analysis, source address black lists and historical analysis. Spam is then scored and tagged (in the subject line) as either Low, Medium or High - allowing it to be easily filtered in a standard mail client.
    • The Porn filter consists of a database of web sites, domain names and addresses ranges know to provide explicit or adult material. Additional filtering categories include sites that focus on hacking, piracy, hate, gambling and drugs.
    • Users can customise both the Anti-Spam rules and the Anti-Porn database by providing both black and white list entries.
    Optional Upgrade File Server
  • Make file space on the inONE System available over the LAN
  • User's can be allocated their own private file space in which they can also set up their own private Internal Web Site
  • Shared Network File areas with user level security - users can be given read-only or read-write access to individual shared areas.
  • Support for up to 4 EIDE hard disks and unlimited SCSI disks.
  • Compatible with Windows-95/98/NT/2000, MacOS 8.2 or higher and Acorn Archimedes.
  • Optional Upgrade Print Server
  • Make printers attached to the inONE available over the LAN
  • Support for up to four local printers shared over the LAN
  • Option for automatic translation from Postscript to native printer format
  • Optional Upgrade Fax Server
  • Send and receive faxes from any PC on the LAN
  • Send faxes from any PC package from any PC on the LAN with the option to save a copy to a shared area or print a copy to a local printer.
  • Support for users having a private fax number each (Subject to hardware options).
  • Received incoming faxes with options for
    • automatic conversion to e-mail
    • Saved to networked drive (Shared Area)
    • Printing to an attached printer
    Optional Upgrade Backup Server
  • Automatically backup your PC's and the inONE Server
  • The inONE Server can be configured to automatically take back up copies of PC's hard disks over the LAN
  • Automatically take copies of File Servers on the Internet for automated data distribution
  • Duplicate / Backup it's shared areas to another server on the LAN
  • Data replication using intelligent journalling and compression, including to or from Window or other Linux systems
  • Built-in Off-Site backup over encrypted VPN
  • Ability to co-locate data at multiple sites replicating changes across all sites
  • Optional Upgrade VPN Gateway
    • PPTP VPN (40 and 128 bit) for Remote Access to the Office Network from a single PC, over the Internet, from anywhere in in the world - this can be used either by roaming users or home workers to gain access to not only the Net-inter-Net Server itself, but also give them access to any other PCs or servers on the LAN.
    • IPSEC TripleDES Office to Office VPN to link remote locations securely over the Internet - once a VPN connection has been established between two offices, you can not only use it to share data and do off-site backups, but also run peer-to-peer applications between desktop PC - e.g. Netmeeting.