Complete Hacker, Spam and Virus Protection
Full Backup and Disaster Recovery 
Secure Wireless Internet Gateway, Work from Home
Share Diaries, Address Books Distribution and Task Lists
Sharing Faxing and Printing Capabilities
  • Automated two-way back-up procedures ensure critical data on inONE server and PCs is easily retrievable in case of catastrophic failure;
  • Back-ups can be stored in multiple locations both locally and remotely as well as on hard disks and removable media;
  • inONE automatically takes back-up copies of PC hard disks over the LAN;
  • Automatically takes copies of file servers on Internet for automated data distribution;
  • Duplicates or backs up its shared areas to another server on LAN;
  • Data replication using intelligent journaling and compression, including to or from Windows or other Linux systems;
  • Built-in off-site back-up over encrypted VPN;
  • Ability to co-locate data at multiple sites replicating changes across all sites;
  • Need for dedicated support staff is eliminated. Competent PC user can obtain technical support through an easy-to-use web interface. inONE support staff can quickly and efficiently resolve complex issues;
  • Continuous hardware monitoring, should inONE hardware fail, in ONE will replace immediately.

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