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The inONE server gives excellent value for money as it is: hardware, software and Technical support "ALL" in one stylish and secure package.

Retail price of the server is £958 + VAT
The server is also available from a number of leading suppliers.

Choose the services and functions you require to assist your business grow.

Bronze Subsciption
The entry level "bronze" level subscription based service starts at £50
per month for 1 to 5 user Licence (this server can be used as an offsite
backup of both Silver and Gold inONE servers.

Silver Subsciption
The "Silver" level is For 5 to 100 users
start at £90 per month.

Gold Subsciption
The "Gold" level is 101 to 1000 users.

There are optional extras available:
Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam / Anti-Porn option pack £10/month
File, Print, Fax and Backup Option Pack £10/mnth
VPN Option Pack £10/month

The first 3 months are charged at the dicounted rate of £150 as a trial period when all services activated, and you can select to turn off options as you decide.

Payments are by standing order and restrictions apply to price
increases. Please see the Terms & Conditions.